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Troubleshooting three way switch wiring and installation problems can be very intimidating and time consuming. There are 28 unique combinations for connecting the wires at two 3 way switches, of which only four of them will work. Add a four way switch and things really get confusing.

If you have changed your 3-way switches and now they don't work or you are having problems with mixed up three way switch wiring, then the Switch Wizard is the product for you, and it's guaranteed to work or your money back.
Watch this video to see how easy it can be to solve your miswired three way switch problem

 kANDERSON ENTERPRISES is pleased to offer you an innovative new electrical wiring tester that will solve your mixed up 3 way switch wiring problems in a matter of minutes.

The amazing little SWITCH WIZARD™ is the safe, fast and easy way to fix your mixed up 3-way switch wiring and 4-way switch wiring problems in just a matter of minutes. No trial and error, no guessing which wire goes where and you don't even need a wiring diagram. All work is done with the electrical power turned off to the three way switch circuit so you don't need to worry about getting hurt by an electrical shock.

The Switch Wizard was developed for the DIY ( do it yourself ) homeowner to fill the need for a safe, fast and easy to use tester to unscramble mixed up 3 Way and 4 way switch wiring. Since its introduction, we have received outstanding response, not just from homeowners but from electrial maintenance workers, property managers and electricians.

Comments like these:
  • Honestly, I think your switch wizard is one of the best purchases I've made. It worked perfectly and I didn't have to go through a lot of stress continuing the hunt for a solution. It was well worth the money. I appreciate you and I just wanted to let you know.
  • Thumbs up all around! Actually arrived a day earlier than expected.The product? Best little investment I've made all year. I own a home that is over 100 yrs old. Replaced 2 3-way switches for a light at top of stairs. Thought it would be a 5 minute job. I took out the old switches, replaced and wired them EXACTLY how they came off and NOTHING. Old wiring and old switches...but still 3 wires. Those 3 wires drove me insane! I talked to a few home improvement savvy friends and they all smiled and scratched their heads. My father in-law, who can fix anything said, "I understand you have a question on the wiring.....is it 3 way?" I said yes. He said, "I can't help you!" He gave me a simple light bulb with leads to check the wiring. I found your product online and cheerfully spent the money, as my next step was calling an electrician. I ordered it...received it promptly....killed the power, followed the steps...and in 15 minutes my light switches work perfectly! Wonderful product!! Thank you.
  • Product worked as advertised. Light switches now working properly. Thanks!
  • It took less than 15 minutes to fix my 3-way switch wiring problem.
  • I can't believe that this was soooooo very easy...even for me.. non electrician...well i got this yesterday and tried it out today thinking it might help a little...but i never thought it would be so fast and easy...you have a great product...thanks so much for sharing it.
  • I just wanted you to know that I received the switch wizard and that thing is great!!! I fixed my 3 way light switch problem in about 10 minutes! That saved me a service call from an electrician which could have cost who knows how much. Great product and I will recommend it to others.
  • I felt safe working on the switches, I did not need the power on to test the wiring.
  • Wow my husband thinks Im a genius.
  • I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Switch Wizard I purchased recently. I had fooled around for hours with two 3-way set ups in which I was replacing the switches. This was in an 85 year old house where there was no help from color coding and no easy way to determine how the circuits were wired. The Switch Wizard worked just as advertised. No fuss, no muss, right the first time. Too bad you don't offer a Plumbing Wizard!

The SWITCH WIZARD™ is the only 3-way switch wiring tester on the market and is available exclusively here for only  $ 23.99

The safe, fast, easy way to unscramble your mixed up 3-way and 4-way switch wiring, and


Have a look at the instruction sheet to see how safe, fast and easy it can be.

If you have any further questions or comments please call us at 510 449.7342 or email us at sales@kandersonenterprises.com.

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Fix your mixed up and miswired 3-Way and 4-Way switch wiring problems the easy way with the Switch Wizard™.