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Electrical wiring the right way

Welcome to kANDERSON ENTERPRISES web site. We are here to share our 40 plus years experience in the electrical construction industry in an effort to help others learn to do their electrical wiring the right way.

Why is there time to do the same job twice but not enough time to do it right the first time?
Good question and I think the most honest answer would be "I didn't know how ".

Over the years I have been asked a lot of questions about how to do a certain electrical project and after a lengthy discussion be told "oh, I don't want to do it that way". Please realize that it really is as easy to do it correctly as it is the wrong way, especially when you take into consideration the effort and frustration to do the same project twice.

There is another very important issue here, ELECTRICAL SAFETY.
Knowledge is the key to doing any type of construction but especially so with electrical. Codes change, technology changes, but one thing is never does - electricity can kill.
How much does it take? NOT MUCH:
> More than 50 ma. - ventricular fob, heart dysfunction, ( usually fatal )
> 100 ma to 4 amps - certain ventricular fibrillation, ( fatal ).
My fellow electrical workers in the trade, did you know that in the last 12 years we became 586 fewer in number due to electrocution? One would think we should know better.
Enough of that, but I think we all need a little reminder sometimes about safety.

We hope you enjoy our website and find some answers to your questions. Please use our contact us page and send us any comments or recommendations as we will take them very seriously.

Although every effort is made to insure the accuracy of information on this site we take absolutely no responsibility for errors in or misinterpretation of that information that might result in injury, damage or rewiring. If you are new to electrical work please read our article should you do it yourself.