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kANDERSON ENTERPRISES is committed to providing quality merchandise and accurate information.

We value every individual customer and strive to treat each one as they are the only one. To us, the customer's needs are our first priority and customer satisfaction is the bottom line by which we measure our success.

When this company was created our intentions were simple. Our goals were to provide our customers with exceptional value, accurate information, quality service and most of all, reliability. Reliability nowadays is a very hard thing to find. With so many companies coming and going, customers need a company that they can depend on, courteous sales people, and promptly executed orders. We pride ourselves on being just that type of company that you can depend on.
When you deal with Kanderson Enterprises, you can rest assured that your order will be executed promptly and efficiently. Our orders are usually shipped the same day!

With 40 years experience in the electrical construction industry we feel qualified to offer reliable information for the DIY electrical person. There is a lot of advise on the internet about electrical wiring, some of which is not necessarily correct. We strive to offer only information that is correct, considers you safety, meets the electrical codes, and that you can depend on.